Web Programming


Unit 1


Web page Designing using HTML, Scripting basics- Client side and server side scripting. Java Script- Object, names, literals, operators and expressions- statements and features- events - windows - documents - frames - data types - built-in functions- Browser object model - Verifying forms.-HTML5- CSS3- HTML 5 canvas - Web site creation using tools. 55

Part A (2m) Part B (16m)

Unit 2


Introduction to object oriented programming-Features of Java – Data types, variables and arrays – Operators – Control statements – Classes and Methods – Inheritance. Packages and Interfaces – Exception Handling – Multithreaded Programming – Input/Output – Files – Utility Classes – String Handling. I

Part A (2m) Part B (16m)

Unit 3


JDBC Overview – JDBC implementation – Connection class – Statements - Catching Database Results, handling database Queries. Networking– InetAddress class – URL class- TCP sockets - UDP sockets, Java Beans –RMI.

Part A (2m) Part B (16m)

Unit 4


Java applets- Life cycle of an applet – Adding images to an applet – Adding sound to an applet. Passing parameters to an applet. Event Handling. Introducing AWT: Working with Windows Graphics and Text. Using AWT Controls, Layout Managers and Menus. Servlet – life cycle of a servlet. The Servlet API, Handling HTTP Request and Response, using Cookies, Session Tracking. Introduction to JSP.

Part A (2m) Part B (16m)

Unit 5


Xml – Introduction-Form Navigation-XML Documents- XSL – XSLT- Web services-UDDI-WSDL-Java web services – Web resources.

Part A (2m) Part B (16m)
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