Unit 5


Data retention policies; Confidential and Sensitive data handling, lifecycle management costs. Archive data using Hadoop; Testing and delivering big data applications for performance and functionality; Challenges with data administration;

Part A

# Question
1 Define Data retention policy.
2 Define Sensitive Data.
3 What are the Challenges in Big Data Testing
4 Describe the Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations 2009.
5 Name any two exemptions for freedom of information act. 2000.
6 Define ILM.
7 Discuss key benefits of PLCM.
8 Describe Cost Reduction Toolbox.
9 Give some examples of sensitive data
10 Discuss Sensitivity Analysis.
11 Illustrate the steps you need to determine when writing a data retention policy.
12 Demonstrate Big data testing strategy.
13 Illustrate Data migration testing.
14 Analyse tools used in big data scenarios.
15 Analyse and write down the challenges with data administration
16 Explain parameters for performance testing.
17 Assess thefiveareastobeconsideredfordefiningcompliance policies
18 Assess DBAs better manage multiple database platforms within a single IT environment.
19 Create an archive in Hadoop.
20 Prepare the steps for Big data ecosystem testing.

Part B

# Question
1 Describe Data retention policies in detail.(16)
2 T ell about the following Sensitive Data Handling Procedures i) Security Classifications(6) ii) Use, Transmission and Disposal of Records, Computers and Media (10)
3 i) Describe 3 tiers of data classification in detail (8) ii) Describe the predefined types of restricted information assets(8)
4 i) Briefly describe the requirement for protecting data and data collections based on classification (12) ii) Tell about Canadian Privacy registration (4)
5 Summarize the Information Security and the internet.(16)
6 Describe the various phases of Information cycle.(16)
7 i) Discuss about archiving data with Hadoop.(8) ii) Discuss about Cost Reduction toolbox. (8)
8 i) Illustrate about PLM cost in detail (12) ii) Briefly Illustrate the key benefits of PLCM (4)
9 Illustrate Confidential data in detail with examples.(16)
10 i) AnalysethefunctionalandperformanceofBigData testing(12) ii) Explain Sensitive data handling procedures (4)
11 i) Differentiate sensitive information and confidential information?(8) ii) Briefly explain Data protection and human rights Act (8)
12 i) Briefly Explain the Most Challenging Database Management Issues facing organizations(8) iii) Database Administrator Challenges in an EBSEnvironment(8)
13 Assess the Challengesin Big Data Testing. With a simple case study explain how to test and deliver Big Data Applications.(16)
14 Prepare a case study for handling confidential information(16)