Unit 5


Programming 8051 Timers - Serial Port Programming - Interrupts Programming – LCD & Keyboard Interfacing - ADC, DAC & Sensor Interfacing - External Memory Interface- Stepper Motor and Waveform generation.

Part A

# Question
1 Write the uses of I2C bus standard?
2 Mention the advantages of microprocessor based system design?
3 List out the classifications of stepper motor.
4 How to change the stepper motor direction?
5 Identify the features of serial port in Mode-0.
6 Show the difference microprocessor and microcontroller.
7 State in your own words how is stepper motor interfaced with 8051?
8 WhatisthemainideaofPWMinmotorcontrolusing microcontroller?
9 State in your own words the features of RTC?
10 Summarize the interrupt service routine.
11 Model the ADC interfaced with 805.
12 Discover the difference between polling and interrupt.
13 Illustrate your understanding on interrupt priority in 8051?
14 Analyze the signal conditioning in 8051.
15 Point out the various types of memory.
16 Distinguish between Timer and Counter.
17 Compare successive approximation ADC with integrating type ADC.
18 Examine your opinion on registers associated with timer programming in 8051.
19 Can you elaborate Port configuration in 8051.
20 Discuss about baud rate of 8051.

Part B

# Question
1 (i) Discuss about serial port interface of 8051. (6) (ii) Discuss the various operating modes for serial port of 8051 microcontroller. (7)
2 (i)Show how to interface an LCD display with ?C. (7) (ii) Demonstrate a program to display a character using LCD display. (6)
3 (i) How does the timer operate in 8051 in mode 2? Explain with suitable diagram. (7) (ii) Assuming XTAL= 11.0592 MHz, write an 8051 ALP to generate a square wave of 50 Hz frequency on pin P2.3. (6)
4 Describe about interrupt programming with respect to 8051 microcontroller with neat diagram. (13)
5 (i) Mention the modes of serial communication in 8051. Demonstrate about the setting up of serial port modes. (7)
6 (ii)Which event can trigger interrupts, and what happens? (6)
7 (i)Comparethedifferentmodesofoperationof timers/counters in 8051 microcontroller with its associated register. (7) (ii) Analyze how to interface a 16 X 2 LCD display using 8051microcontroller. (6)
8 Give short notes on (i) Sensor Interface (6) (ii) Display Interface (7)
9 With a neat circuit diagram, explain how 4x4 Keypad is in interfaced with 8051 microcontroller and write 8051 ALP for keypad scanning. (13)
10 (i) What are the functions of timers/counters? (6) (ii) Define the 16 bit timer mode and 8 bit auto reload mode of 8051 microcontroller. (7)
11 (i) Illustrate the TMOD function register and its timer modes of operations. (7) (ii) Compare and contrast the IE and IP register in 8051 microcontroller. (6)
12 (i) How to transfer data between a PC and microcontroller using serial communication? Draw the necessary diagrams. (7) (ii)Showhowtointerfacean8bitADCwith8051 microcontroller. (6)
13 Describe the basic operation of a stepper motor and also discuss how to interface a stepper motor to 8051. (13)
14 Evaluate about the various interrupts and their associated priorities in 8051 microcontroller. (13)
15 (i)Discuss how a DAC is interfaced with 8051 ?C. (7) (ii)With diagram, describe the operation of R-2R method of D/A converter. (6)