Unit 5


Linux System- Basic Concepts; System Administration-Requirements for Linux System Administrator, Setting up a LINUX Multifunction Server, Domain Name System, Setting Up Local Network Services; Virtualization- Basic Concepts, Setting Up Xen,VMware on Linux Host and Adding Guest OS.

Part A

# Question
1 Give the design principles of LINUX system .
2 Mention the various components of a Linux System.
3 Illustrate the components of kernel modules.
4 Define LINUX virtualization
5 Classify virtualization.
6 Define hypervisor.
7 What are the two components of hypervisor?
8 Compare the types of hypervisor?
9 Define XEN.
10 Prepare a list of components of XEN?
11 Mention the two types of guest supported by XEN hypervisor?
12 Prepare the requirements for Linux system administrator. Brief any one
13 What is Domain Name System (DNS)?
14 Illustrate the requirements needed for LINUX system administrator.
15 I llustrate the key features of VMware server virtualization
16 Explain guest operating system?
17 Compare the relationship between a guest operating system and a host operating system in a system like VMware what factors need to be considered in choosing the host operating system?
18 W hy virtualization is required?
19 I llustrate the types of LINUX device classes.
20 Summarize the three layers of networking in LINUX kernel.

Part B

# Question
1 Explain the significance and steps involved in setting up Xen, software on LINUX HOST for successful virtualization. (13)
2 (i)Discuss about the requirements to become a Linux system Administrator (5) (ii)Discuss about the steps involved in the installation of a LINUX Multifunction server (5) (iii)Write short notes on the LINUX network services (3)
3 Illustrate the Domain Name System and the steps in resolution.(13)
4 Describe about the network structure of LINUX system.(13)
5 Examine virtualization and discuss in detail about classification of virtualization and basic concepts involved in virtualization .(13)
6 Explain in detail the design principles, kernel modules, process management, scheduling in LINUX system.(13)
7 Illustrate the procedure for setting XEN on LINUX host and adding guest OS. (13)
8 Prepare the procedure for setting VMware on LINUX host and adding guest OS. (13)
9 Explain in detail about file system management done in LINUX.(13)
10 Explain in detail about file system management done in LINUX.(13)
11 Discuss about Linux multifunction server,DNS VMware on Linux host.(13)
12 (i)Why is live migration possible in virtual environments but much less possible for a native operating system?(7) (ii)List the primary goals of the conflict-resolution mechanism used by the LINUX kernel for loading kernel modules?(6)
13 (i)Explain in detail about Linux architecture. (7) (ii)Explain in detail about Linux Kernel with neat sketch. (6)
14 Describe in detail about local network services.(13)